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S.T.A.P.L.E. #4

Give 4:1 Positive vs Corrective Feedback

Feedback is an essential ingredient in a positive predictable environment. Positive feedback recognizes the desired behaviors that are communicated and modeled. Corrective feedback should focus on the desired behavior. Students will demonstrate behaviors given the most attention. Three tips to support a 4:1 ratio include: 

  1. Awareness – Become aware of the number of positive versus corrective statements you make. 
  2. The phrasing of Commands – Rephrase negative statements to the action you want to see.  i.e “stop running” to “walk in the hallway”. 
  3. Increase Positive Commentary – Start small and build up to the 4:1 ratio. 

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M4CD - Give 4:1 Positive vs Corrective Feedback
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