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What is R.E.A.L. Education?

Education must go back to the simple, integrated format for which the greatest minds came from. Learning that is experiential, real and connected to all facets of life. Education should focus on the following principles:  Relevance, Empathy, Action, and Lifelong-Learning. What do they look like in the education space? 

Relevance in education focuses on a person’s needs according to time and context. Teaching that is relevant engages students both emotionally and connects prior knowledge to support the development of neural connections and long-term memory storage. Students must feel the information they are learning is useful, valuable and important for their future. Relevance is most impactful when learning is connected to everyday life applications and when information moves from theory to practice. Background knowledge through scaffolding, additionally supports relevance by bridging the knowledge gap of new learning material. Relevant, real world instruction can empower students to take ownership of their learning experiences. Relevance matters.

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